warriorshakti (warriorshakti) wrote in via_licentia,

Marrying the Norse Gods....

This is not necessarily a post in order to stire controvery, and I am willing to hear all sides and all perspectives when it comes to the topic, however, I do know that in some cultures, people marry deities. Even in the Catholic faith, it is considered that a nun is married to the christian god, either as Christ, or another form. Not completely clear on that aspect of it, but I'd love to hear about that as well.

In any event, my motives for choosing this community rather than some others is due to the high level of education and experience regarding Scandinavian customs within the membership here.

So, without further ado .. I've heard that some people used to marry the Norse Gods, and I'd like to know more about it. What kinds of responsibilities did the deity promise to the human? What kinds of oaths were taken on the part of the human? Is there somewhere I can find a set of the vows that were said at such a ceremony? Does anyone have any further information regarding this custom?
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