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The Internet

Collective Enlightenment!
It cannot be stopped. - "The damage has been done," so to speak.

I need you guys to seriously try to grok something here. The Internet. The potential it holds, for awareness, communication, and information. If there are only a few vehicles to be regarded with optimism that for sure promise humanity a more unified and worldly co-existent and peaceful nature, believe it: The Internet is one.

Coinciding perfectly with us, it is the virtual world, the world that breaks our world, intellectually. Physically we can create horrible chemical warfare and bomb the crap out of one-another...but online we Learn, and that is something we can sleep with and cultivate. even treasure. There are no greater joys than knowledge, awareness, and human communication. To interact with others is the cure for loneliness. To grok the world is the cure for fear. And to learn is to master thyself.

Please be aware that the Internet is as far as we can tell a perfectly Earthly phenomenon. You are here, at this time!, on the Internet. (Amazing.) And you can find everything do almost anything. If you disagree, bring it up and I'll be happy to debate this with you.
One day, very soon, some powers will perceive particular awarenesses, communicative abilities, and informations as being more beneficial for wide-spread populations... Everything we have now (except much more powerful) will be resisted. Censorship, blocks, forceful out-classing, projected narrations telling stories of Greatest aware that is is inevitable.
But know well, through and through, that the damage has been done
That the Internet will be a recognized vehicle to aid one's quest for the deathless Way

There is no stopping it.
Even laziness and bullshit on the net can't stop what's already here.
There might be a time where there will be a struggle, where we might feel fear due to vulnerability and lack of privacy...but I'm confident that if we keep a strong and free spirit focused on the importance of world-awareness, lucid communication, and accessible information, our efforts will help everyone pull out and into a brighter future.
Embrace it and do not resist. Be aware there will be resistance and prepare for it the best you can. You know what to do.
Here is the ripped audio from a video of a dialogue between Dr. Robert Thurman and Deepak Chopra entitled God and Buddha. I'm sorry but only ten people can download this. However, if you really want to hear this I'm sure I could help you out. Enjoy!
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