Robin Artisson (owl_clan) wrote in via_licentia,
Robin Artisson

King Tut and his Monotheist Father

Well, DNA studies have finally shed light on some mysteries regarding King Tut, a.k.a. King Tutankhamun, the world's most famous mummy. His father was Akhenaten, the asshole who tried to force monotheism onto the ancient Egyptian people. Sadly, his attempt to destroy the traditional religions of his people- which failed after one generation- wouldn't be the last the world would ever see, nor would it be the last to affect the Egyptian people, as Christianity and then Islam would later come along to force themselves onto them, and finally succeed in their cultural genocide. But it was Akhenaten who tried it first.

And now, it seems, Akhenaten was likely suffering from brain Malaria, just like his son Tutankhamun, and "other members of the family"- which certainly helps to explain a lot. A brain eaten up with malaria would be a good inspiration for the madness that conceives that only "one God" exists, and tries to force that idea onto others.

Also, quite predictably, the curse upon this man and his family was clear- look at the sickly state of his son, and the terrible luck that destroyed his line. Guess the Gods didn't like lies being told about them, or their worshipers being forced away from their temples.

Everywhere monotheism goes on this planet, we see similar things. Destruction of traditional cultures, traditional wisdom, shameful repression of men and women's rights to believe and practice religion as they like, and (at least in the modern day, as in the last 1900 years) the destruction of women's rights to equality and self-determinism. You can add homosexuals to the list of people marginalized, villainized, and murdered by monotheistic cultures.

Could brain malaria have been the ultimate root of it all? They say Zoroaster came up with the first real philosophical dualistic monotheism, but Akhenaten was quite a while before Zoroaster. Could this Hamitic nonsense have been the seed that inspired the later monomaniacal behavior we saw in the ancient Hebrews, which led directly to Christian and Muslim monotheism? The seed of this disease is planted long in the fields of time and Hamitic/Semitic cultures.

At least the Egyptians cast off Akhenaten's nonsense as soon as they could, and repaired their relationships with the real Gods and Goddesses. I regret the process is taking longer in the modern West.

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