November 20th, 2010


Puja for Kali ma -- Baton Rouge, LA

On November 26, 2010 at 5 p.m. (for Thanksgiving) there will be a public ceremony held to honor the Hindu goddess Kali ma. This service is called 'puja' or 'pooja.' Kali ma is alternately known as the Devouring Mother, the Dark Mother, and the Divine Mother. The Temple of the Divine Mother has been formed to be in service to the will of this living goddess. Kali ma is also known as the destroyer and due to this, some are fearful of this aspect of the Mother, however, this concept of destroyer is often sensationalized and oversimplified. Sometimes destruction is called for in this impermanent world and Kali is the force which devours that for which time has come. Some popular focuses for her destructive nature would be destruction of ego, ignorance and illusion. However, there is also the softer side to Kali ma as the mother of Tantra. Appropriate offerings would be red flowers, rice, milk, ghee (which is clarified butter, but if you can't find it, regular butter would be okay. There is a store on Coursey called Fashion India which carries ghee). Kali ma is a fire goddess, so wearing red would be okay but is not required. Please do not wear black. Call for directions. (225) 266-7882 For more information, see