I Call This Freudian Slip Advertising

Good News! If you have problems sleeping, you can take Lunesta- and sleep so well that you end up being a rotting corpse in your bed, like this woman in the actual Lunesta ad from Yahoo:

I didn't Photoshop this. That's an unaltered screenshot. Lunesta does kill a small percentage of takers, and cause complications that kill another small percentage. And yet, people overlook this somehow and take it anyway. I thought the ad was eye-opening (or eye-closing as the case may be) for several just-below-the-surface reasons.

Have sleep trouble? Change how you eat, get more exercise, and make peace with the people you hate or are engaged in drama with. De-stress your life. Beyond that, drink infusions of Valerian leaves and roots. Fuck Lunesta.

Now, here's something I did Photoshop. And if I can do this in one minute, for free, why can't a corporate super drug dealer think about it? Wouldn't you rather be this absurdly hot chick, happily asleep, rather than a decomposing body?


Hollywood is turning Nature into a "New Divinity"

The Pope, such that he is, has accused Hollywood of "turning nature into a new divinity"-


I hate to break it to Il Papa, but Nature is the world's oldest divinity. And how is Hollywood bringing about this Horrid Change? Through the devil-movie "Avatar", which utilizes fiendish and beautiful visual affects and an imaginative, ecologically friendly message to batter and smash our minds with Satanism.

Oh Lovely

So, it's against the law in the United States to murder people. Or at least, I thought so.


Now, don't mistake me, I don't lose any sleep over late-term abortion providers getting gunned down. None at all. But murder's murder. And the judge in this case seems to be off his damn rocker. What's next? Is a fundy who shoots a Wiccan going to be allowed to defend himself by saying he believed he was justified at killing a witch because the bible said so? What could possibly be the motivation for allowing this man to plead a case of "justified homicide"?

We don't need no water let the motherfucker burn...


I despise Islam like I hate hell, all Montagues, and Benvolio... but I can at least agree with them with on this one, on general principle. Pentecostals are a plague that I wouldn't want in my backyard, either. It's like taking Christianity- already a disaster- and making it far worse. I think I put the Penties on the same level as Islam.

And a bonfire is what awaits them all, anyway. My complaint is that we have to live in this world while they burn, and that must of necessity damage so many of us, our lives, our hopes, and our dreams. May the invented God of Christians, Jews, and Muslims protect us all from his followers! Amen!

To the Internet and the World (Interneti et Orbi)


Robin Artisson's Christmas 2009 Address
Concerning "Keeping Christ in Christmas" and the Growth of Secularism
A wish for the good of all, and peace on Earth

* * *

If you live in the United States, and likely any other "super west" country, you will get fundies around this time of year yelling about keeping the "Christ" in "Christmas". When I was a younger man, this never happened, at least not in a way that I saw it. There was no internet then, only dorks had computers in their houses, and the mainstream news media never put out stories on TV showing fearful Christians frustrated over the "fading" of traditional values.

They didn't need to; only fringe lunatics said such things back then, and there simply wasn't enough "interconnectedness" (which the internet has now provided) to scare people by showing them just how diverse the world right down their street really was. Maybe it wasn't diverse then, but has become so in the last 20 years, thanks in part to new media. Who can say? The truth of this matter is probably somewhere in-between.

Now, Christians have been yelling about the loss of so-called "traditional values" since Augustine's time, I'm sure. But back then, they had 1400 years ahead of them to dominate the scene religiously and politically, and on the surface, for all those centuries, everyone was a happy believer. Homosexuals were killed or silent, minority religions and non-Christian religions were killed or silenced, and all was well in Jesus' kingdom. The "Pax Christi" was set to stifle creativity, inquiry, and real compassion for centuries.

Then, the shocking "Enlightenment" happened, and the long process of secularization began. Now we live in the outcomes of those long-ago events. For the first shocking time in human history SINCE ancient Rome, countless people of many different faiths are discovering that the Government won't support them on religious grounds against other people, and that their values do not inform government decision making. At long last, religion is where it always should have been- in people's hearts, homes, churches/temples, and private lives.

But this brings up a nasty issue, one that penetrates to the heart of the mystery of mankind. Religious people (read: followers of revealed religions) can't take the idea that their religious icon or creed of choice might be either just one among many, or marginalized at the highest levels of society. All of these "keep Christ in Christmas" people who screech and bother the rest of the sane world are only doing their own toothless version of what the Taliban do when they blow up schools that educate young girls- they are railing against what they firmly believe to be the loss of the most important thing.

* * *

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Muslim Tolerance

I've seen how Muslims in the United States are treated. They have Mosques that outwardly look like mosques, and which are labeled as "mosques" and they are allowed to have public community worship, to evangelize (and they do) and to have many other outreach and public identity activities.

Compare that to how Christians and Christian worship are treated in Muslim countries:


Now, on the one hand, you have two huge groups of people believing made up crap treating each other like shit over their own brand of made up crap, so there is an inherent comedy here. But when these monkeys are put together like this (like monkeys in a zoo) something in you still aches to see such unfairness and bullying crap. Leave delusions aside for a moment; fair is still fair. And Muslims don't play fair. I sure wish I lived in a world that entitled me to as much as a Muslim. They know how to work the West, and they know how to rule like the tyrants they are at home. You almost have to respect it, if it weren't so evil.

Flat Earth Pass

The Bible- God's infallible word of inspired truth and his revelations to mankind- says that the earth is flat. We call this an "Epic Fail" where I come from.

All of you that have been, up to this point, imprisoned by Christianity are now free to go. Don't thank me all at once.