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Debating religion, politics, spirituality, and social controversies. Minimal to no moderation.


Debate Religion
Debate Politics
Show Off Your Big Brain
Absolute Liberty of Speech On Our Four Topics
Freedom from Childish Moderation
Elitist Scumbags Welcome
Educated People Highly Desired

VIA LICENTIA Is a Live Journal Community filling that special need- a need for a community that you can speak freely in on important and controversial issues, and which FOR ONCE doesn't have "moderated" membership at the top of the description, and a list of "DO NOT" Rules a mile long underneath. Yeah, the management here don't have to swing a ban hammer around on the internet to feel like they have power. They also don't care about your trauma drama. Be smart. Be tough. Take a stand. Say useful things. Exchange good information. Listen at least as much as you type. Have fun.

Eventually, jerks like the original creator of this community will be appointed to be "mods" here, but mods here will only remove posts for three reasons:

1. You posted something that violated someone's privacy offline, or threatened their life.
2. You posted pornography or an image/image series that was so large it needed to be behind a cut (just simplify your life and put images behind cuts.)
3. You posted a "text flood" that took up the whole screen or was ten damn miles long and needed to be behind a cut.

Other than that, the sky is the limit. The mods will protect you from spam, as well.

This community is intended for discussions about religion, politics, spirituality, and social controversies. If you can't make your post relevant to one of those topics, you would have to be a moron. Each post should be about one of our topics, and ideally, should be framed in a manner inviting discussion. Anything you post here will be up for debate or criticism regardless, or simple removal if it has no bearing on our topics.



Please Note:
This community was created as of November 25, 2009. Brand Spanking New.
Have patience while we accumulate members.
Yes, that means we'll sit here like morons as people slowly join.
The beatings will begin soon enough.
SOMEONE will be just ballsy enough to say something that everyone disagrees with.
Until that great day...

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